Lifestyle Training Retreat 1:



You come to the retreat for one thing.. to learn in just three days, how to finally clear up all the confusion and just get down to losing your excess fat and getting in the best shape of your life… in as little as 5 weeks!

Alphawoman BODY is a three day hands on course where you learn the secrets of the highly successful power woman bootcamp training system The express fitness retreat was designed by Ex-British Army Physical Training Instructor and Special Forces female soldier to teach you a new fitness and fat loss system of training for today’s modern woman. You will train using a 30 year perfected blueprint to keep your fat off and stay in shape for the rest of your life.

We will get you looking your best… guaranteed!



Women Who Will Do What It Takes To Get What They Want!

You will be taught a no nonsense results guaranteed system. You will be required to make some temporary changes for the sake of never having to worry about weight gain again.

You must be prepared to exercise (although we use workouts which give you the maximum benefit for the shortest time possible, easy to fit into your busy schedule but strong enough to get the results.

You will learn a unique Fat Loss Blueprint where you can choose from six strategies including our very powerful 3FT diet system.

During your nutrigenic diagnostics, you will discover how to quickly determine what macro and micro nutrients are key to your success.. to get your fat off and move you into a new highly energetic state.



Personalized Attention:

We are very strict in controlling the maximum number of guests per course. These low numbers offer a very high level of personal training whilst including the fun and motivational atmosphere of a group. We can successfully train beginners to seasoned athletes as all sessions cater to the individual’s fitness ability without compromising results.

What happens at the end of the Retreat?

The combination of training seminars and private sessions offer a high level of individual coaching and the amount of knowledge we can teach you. Our aim is to send you home fully equipped to continue without the need for supervision. However, you will continue our coaching for the first five weeks minimum upon your return from the live training.

Extreme Special Event Preparation Training:

We also teach you our extreme event preparation plan. This includes our 5 week specially designed home acceleration diet system for any time you need fast temporary results.

Ideal for special event preparation such as weddings, photo shoots, performances and beach body holidays .. in fact, any time you need to look your best for a special occasion!

Our Top 5 Highlights at a Glance

Private individual coaching with Master International Trainer JJ Armstrong

Totally unique fitness training that you will not find anywhere else – with results that are guaranteed.

Optional acceleration diet to lose 1-2 lbs per day via our home temporary plan

Balanced Anti-age training in nature, cell nutrition, strength, flexibility, massage

Enjoy your course in a luxury hotel specifically selected for Women with daily gourmet cuisine


Course Retreat Services Included:

2-4 nights at a luxury 4/5 star Hotel

Fitness Body, Nutrition & Health Assessment

Personal Metabolic Profile

Daily individual consultations to ensure you meet your personal goals

Daily breakfast buffet and natural healthy gourmet evening dining

Massage therapy session

Specialist muscle toning, fitness and agility program

Learn from top International Fitness Specialist (delivered in English)

Weight loss and hormonal Blueprint with 6 variations to suit all preferences

Complimentary room upgrades when available

Special occasion preparation plan i.e. weddings; holiday; photo shoots; important events

Full personal training individual exercise / diet / lifestyle program

Detox and cleansing diet and training for increased weight loss

All-round complete fitness plan combined with personal life strategy coaching sessions

6 week home phone coaching follow-up support


Maximum number of participants: only 8 guests to ensure a personal service!

Program Director: JJ Armstrong M.Sc, creator of Powerfrau Bootcamps & Armstrong Fat Loss Crash Course

Single room supplement available: (prices available on request)

Places on this course are obviously very limited due to the low numbers accepted on each retreat. Please check our availability by using our booking form.. If you see the dates posted, it is still available. You can book your retreat now and let go of your worry!

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